Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sam Continues His Plan for World Domination

Monday night,we were all sitting at supper, eating and chatting when the topic turned to Sam's day at school. We innocently began asking him what he had done when under his breath he mentioned kicking. Shocked, Joy and I looked each other for a moment before Joy cautiously asked:

"Sam, did someone kick you?"

Sam turned and looked at Joy for a moment before he started laughing maniacally. In between his laughs, he managed to say, "No, no one would kick me!"

That's right, Sam is so sure of his place on the playground that it is a hysterical thought just to contemplate someone kicking him.

*sigh* He was probably laughing because we had been laughing all through supper, but still, we though it useful to talk about how we should solve our frustrations through nonviolent means. You know, like mind control.

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