Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Short Takes

On Saturday, we spent the afternoon at Old Shawnee Days, a fair a neighboring town throws the first weekend after Memorial Day every year. It has what you might expect - a Ferris Wheel and rides best described as death traps, performers of all stripes from musicians to mentalists to a bullwhip comedian, and lots of fried food. Sam and Noah had a good time wandering around, but Sam especially enjoyed getting all the free stuff. Like new hair:When we got home, we had breakfast for supper. We put Noah's omelet in front of him. he peeled back the egg to gaze as the mushrooms and tomatoes and cheese inside and declared "Wow!" It was the best reaction my cooking has ever gotten.

Sam has a new favorite joke that he'll gladly tell you: "What's the pretzel's favorite dance?" "The Twist!"

Noah has completely figured out the word "hello." Any time I walk in the room, he shouts, "Hello, Dada!" But he also wants us to say "hello" to everyone and everything, leading to interesting dinner conversations, where we say "hello" to every bit of food he puts in his mouth - "hello mushroom!" "hello tomato!" "hello dried up Cheerio you found on the floor!"

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