Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Noah vs. the Roller Blades, Part II

Thanks, everyone, for your kind words and thoughts and prayers towards Noah. Yesterday, we even had cards and cookies and ice cream arrive at our house from Noah's preschool and our church. Today, Noah is doing much better - he slept through the night and was ready to play bad guys vs. good guys with Sam this morning. He still looks a bit beat up, but the swelling on his head has gone down and he's moving with greater ease. He even feels well enough to going back to cheesing for the camera:


David Patterson said...

YAY! What a trooper! (Mom and Dad, too!)

Ramona said...

I'm glad that Noah is doing better! Joy really is a super mom! I would have probably started crying and froze!

Laura w said...

Nice to see such a big smile!