Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Champaign Gang

Two weeks ago I had to run to Champaign to do a bit of clean-up research for a presentation and article I'm writing.  And while it might seem strange to speak of running a 400 mile trip, we did just that - there and back again in three days.  Although I spent most of my time in Harry Partch's archives there, Joy and the boys came along to visit dear friends from grad school that we manage to see at least once a year.

On the last day, we grabbed lunch with them all before heading out and snagged this picture on the benches outside:

Look at that line of deviousness.  I love how they all are sitting with their feet in different positions, clearly showing their personalities.  In a few years we won't be able to get together without them taking over our plans with plans of their own (and yes, Sam has a pair of chopsticks from lunch).

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Jaime Olson said...

I LOVE that picture! I've been trying to get a post up about our visit for over a week now, and still haven't managed to do it! I was taking solace in the fact that you hadn't posted yet either, but now that cover is blown. Hopefully today! Love you guys and those devious little boys of yours who are such amazing playmates for our kids!