Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Heard This Morning

Tuesday is a big day at our house - garbage day. Sam lives for the moment when first the recycling truck rumbles down the street and then, about an hour later, when the garbage truck follows. He races to the window and stares out in rapt attention, praying that perhaps today, the trucks will turn into our driveway and stay a while so he can go play on and in them.

This morning, as the big green truck drove past our house, I excitedly asked Sam, "What is it?" He looked at me and then out the window at the truck and purposely replied, "A snow plow truck!"

Keep hoping, Sam, keep hoping.


jeanetta said...

when david was little he was like that with the school bus too. and i curse the person that told my kids that the funny looking van that drove around and played music actually had ice cream inside.

Andrew said...

So far he doesn't know what's in any of the buses and trucks, he just wants to get inside and push the buttons.