Saturday, September 8, 2007

This is your face on lipstick

Sam has decided he's at least as big as we are, if not larger. If Joy is cooking, he needs to help by stirring and shaking and sticking his hand in the batter and scooping out a big handful to eat. If I'm hammering bookshelves together, he needs to get his hammer and bang away a bit before finding the nails and seeing if they fit inside his trucks. If we're reading, he needs to sit in our laps and turn the pages for us, vainly looking for pictures while wondering why our books have so many words.

In short, Sam is into everything.

As parents, we've developed an alarm of sorts - one that rings when there is too much silence. Typical exchanges at our house proceed like this:

Joy - Do you hear Sam?
Me - No, and I haven't for three minutes!
Joy - SAM?!?!?

We then run up the stairs to find what he's gotten into this time. This past week, it was Joy's makeup:
Yes, that's Sam of the blue, blue eyes and the red, red mouth. Ah well, such is life. And his lipstick application will prepare him for his future career in the theater. Or as a clown. Or as a cannibalistic killer. In any event, the picture certainly shows our excellent parenting skills.


Anonymous said...

This grandson always gives his "May" a good laugh. Love it!

jeanetta said...

once when i felt sure that luke was set to go to sleep for his afternoon nap, i turned on his shows, gave him his cup of milk and stepped into the room over to use the computer. about 10 min later i noticed it was very quiet and though "yeah , he's asleep". well i stay in the office untill its about time to walk over and pick up the other 2 from school. i found luke asleep in the leather rocking chair covered in bronze and gold toned cram eyeshadow make up. its not just on his eyes... infact i think thats the only place he wasnt covered. it was all over his cheeks and legs and arms. it looked like i had bronzed the baby instead of his shoes. it wouldnt wipe off quickly enough so i threw a blanket over him in the stroller and headed over to get the kids from school. during those moments when i thought he was going down for a nap he had gone to his bathroom and gotten his stool took it into my bathroom and got my makeup and came back to his shows and started the application process. theres another gold start for excellent parenting skills.

sorry this is so long.

lauragayle said...

wow. that's one shot tube of lipstick!

And when he starts dating, this is one of those photos for a crucial moment or two! ;)