Saturday, March 8, 2008

And So It Begins...

Yesterday morning, we received exciting mail at our house. "What?" you might be eagerly asking, "an shipment or unexpected money or Krispy Kreme coupons?" No, we received coupons for training diapers.

We hadn't really been thinking about potty training Sam yet; we figured with a new baby on the way and Sam taking to throwing himself on the ground when we thwart his will this might not be the most auspicious time to begin that endeavor. But when Sam saw the coupons, he immediately became intrigued.

"What are those?" he asked Joy. She began to explain, he asked more questions, they went to the bathroom so he could inspect the potty, and Joy thought that would be the end of things.

She was wrong.

By the time I got home yesterday afternoon, Sam was enthralled with the potty. He was carrying around the Thomas the Train underwear we bought a few months ago anticipating this day and proclaiming that once he learned to poop in the potty he'd wear Thomas on his bottom. During bath, we talked about how it felt to need to use the potty and in general had the kind of conversations you would be embarrassed to have in polite company. I thought that would be the end of it and that this morning, he'd be over the potty thing.

I was wrong.

He was so interested that this morning, Joy bought some training diapers at the grocery store. I was in at work, administering a comprehensive examination and when I got back to my office around noon, I had an excited phone call from Sam:

"Dada," he breathlessly intoned," I poo-pooed in the potty!" And so he did. This afternoon we went and let him pick out his own potty and he's been playing with it ever since. We'll see how all this goes, but Sam's a Granade, so when he gets interested in something, there's no changing his focus. And since he's talking about it all the time, conversations should be interesting at church tomorrow.

We'll keep you posted.


Liz said...

That is sooooo exciting! Nate likes to pee in the potty when it comes to his mind (as a game), but of course is nowhere near able to tell us when he needs to go.

I hope when the time comes, he gets as excited. He's his Mama's son, though, which means stubborn.

Sarah said...

Oh how exciting! And yes, do be prepared for those conversations at church. When my oldest was potty-training she very proudly told our pastor she was wearing princess panties and then asked if he had some too. SIGH!!!

Andrew said...

Yes, he's very fascinated by the whole process and right now loves to watch whatever is in the toilet flush down and tell you all about it.