Friday, March 28, 2008

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: An MPAA Guide

If you follow films at all, you quickly discover that some directors hit your buttons. That even their miserable failures you find fascinating and watch and even defend. Tim Burton has long been one of those directors for me. He has an amazing visual sense and is an extremely musical director (in fact, most of his films have been discussed in the scholarly literature on film music). Since I enjoy his films so much, I became curious about what the MPAA had to say about them. Most of the entries were prosaic at best, but the entry for his 2005 version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory struck me as both humorous and apropos:

Rated PG for quirky situations, action and mild language.

That's right, after seeing Burton's films for 20 years, the MPAA finally decided that they contained "quirky situations." That's like saying the Star Wars films contain lightsabers - it is true, but so generic, it tells you nothing.

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