Friday, November 14, 2008

A Bit More Musicology

After reading my post from yesterday, Joy reminded me of the biggest PR coup musicology has had in several years - Prince's song and album Musicology. That's right, the purple one himself promoted my little discipline with a song that people hailed as Prince getting back to the basics (looking into his own musical history as it were). I remember when Prince brought his tour to Champaign-Urbana several of us in the department wanted to go over just to get t-shirts. We were hoping they would have one of these two favorite lyrics on them:

"This is just another one of God's gifts - Musicology"


" Kick the old school joint 4 the true funk soldiers - Musicology"

Really, can you get any better than musicologist being called the "true funk soldiers?" So, in celebration this Friday, here's Prince's video:

Don't you love how even the iconography of the video plays with musical history?

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