Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Current Lives of Students

A few months ago, I wrote about a professor over at Kansas State who is trying new ways of interacting with students both inside and outside of the classroom by using technology in interactive ways. I was impressed by his ideas and have been attempting to incorporate some of them in my own classroom with varying amounts of success. The reason why I'm trying so hard to stretch the internet to serve my classroom purposes is beautifully illustrated in a new video from the same professor that chronicles the lives and expectations of students coming into college today. This is not a top-down, what professors see, but instead the result of a google document he put together that his students edited in true Wiki style. The results, which resemble an old INXS video, are startling:

As always, I welcome reactions and thoughts of ways to harness all this new technology.

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Liz said...

My reaction is that we're raising a generation with no self-discipline. If they can't sit through lectures without getting on Facebook, then they have a problem with self-discipline. There are going to be facets of their jobs that they don't care for, too, but their employers won't be looking for ways to "keep them interested" in their jobs. If they won't do the drudge work, someone else will. I have no sympathy for them, obviously.