Monday, May 18, 2009

First Steps

About two and a half weeks ago, Noah started standing up on his own from a crouch. He'd crawl to where he wanted to look, get up in a crouch, stand on up with his legs planted wide, and look around.

Yesterday afternoon, we were getting ready for a baby shower Joy was hosting when Noah stood up in the kitchen, moved one foot forward, and then fell on his bottom. Joy and I were both there, and so I started egging him on, encouraging him to take another step. He tried and tried, just stamping that one foot forward before he finally figured out how to get the next foot forward. He ended up taking two steps a few times and a third step once, wobbling from side to side as he moved slowly forward. By the end, his legs were so tired he couldn't even stand up anymore, but his face was aglow with his accomplishment.

I suppose full-scale walking isn't far away. I'll try and get pictures for you later this week.

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