Saturday, May 16, 2009

Traffic Signs

For his second birthday, May and Pop got Sam his very own tricycle. You may remember that he rode it last summer in the fourth of July parade, but I had to tie a rope on it to keep him going the right direction or going at all.

Fast forward almost a year and Sam is big enough to fully control the tricycle and so wants to ride it all the time, especially since he sees me out on my bike now that the weather is warm again. There is a church up the hill from our house with a large, square, flat parking lot - perfect for riding tricycles. So the other day, we loaded the tricycle in Sam's wagon and hiked up the hill to the parking lot.

Sam pedaled all over the lot, learning how to steer and how to back pedal to slow down. But he sometimes got going too fast and lost control. One time, he tried to steer while going fast and tumped over, scraping his head in the process. After we got him and the tricycle back up he gingerly climbed back on and told us "I think I need to go the speed limit."

If only he'll remember that in 13 years.

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