Monday, June 1, 2009

And This Doesn't Even Account for the Laundry

(Just an up-front warning - if you don't like reading about bodily fluids, you should probably skip this post)

Originally I had planned on uploading photos from the bathroom this morning and charting my progress for you. I'll get to that tomorrow. Instead, allow me to regale you with tales of our weekend.

On Friday, Joy and I decided Noah needed to go to the doctor. He had been a bit cranky during the week and wasn't sleeping well after the progress we'd made on sleep training, so we thought we'd check him out. Turns out that Noah has a double ear infection - one in each ear. Unlike Sam, who lets us know when he's sick, Noah just rocks right along until he gets a fever at which point he wails if we put him down and he can't sleep. Unfortunately for us, one appeared Friday night with a vengeance. Throughout that night, we bathed Noah to keep his fever down and get him comfortable enough to sleep, we cleaned up the vomit that pushed his antibiotic out of his system, and in general didn't sleep.

Saturday was better with Noah as long as we kept ibuprofen in him. Saturday was Sam's day. Although potty trained, we're still in pull-ups for naps and night and somehow Sam managed to wet his bed thoroughly at nap, right after we had changed his sheets that morning. That meant no clean sheets for bed. Sam didn't care though - he had already proclaimed that Saturday night he needed to camp in his tent, so we set him up on the floor.

Yesterday was the real doozy of a day. Our children's choir put on a wonderful interactive musical and Sam and Noah were rapt through the entire production. Afterwards, they served dinner for the congregation and we set with friends who, since their children are in college, love to spoil our kids. The gentleman took Sam off right after dinner and they returned with huge pieces of cake, leftovers from a celebration cake yesterday morning. Sam had selected the piece with the large red icing balloon and proceded to eat nothing but the icing. On top of the cupcake he'd already had. And the hot dog. And the bag of chips. That much processed food seems to have not set well with the virus Sam evidently picked up somewhere because last night about midnight, everything came up in a bright red glob on the freshly washed sheets on his bed. But his body wasn't content to just expell out one side of Sam, so I've been cleaning him up all night and morning so far.

Noah, always wanting to do whatever Sam is doing, followed suit about 2:00 this morning and then slept fitfully until 5:00 when he got up for the day. His fever has broken, but we're now behind two doses of antibiotics and dealing with a tired baby.

Oh, did I mention that Joy's teaching summer camps all day?

It's definitely a Thomas video day. We'll see how long those can distract the children.


laura gayle said...

just put both of them in a tub that has a shower head above it, preferably a handheld shower head. put a blanket below and a sheet above, and you can hose off everything at once. Get some inflatable pillows too.

Of course, I don't have kids... ;)

Andy Forbes said...

I DO have a kid, and I have just five words for you: kiddie pool and garden hose.

But seriously, that sounds really tough. Hang in there, and know that we're pulling for you!

Liz said...

I'm right there with ya -- Nate coughed all night, so I've got both kiddos parked in front of Curious George. Can't wait for naptime! Hang in there!

Matt O. said...

Wow, I feel for ya. Reminds me of the last time Jaime left town, but my experience didn't involve nearly so much trauma at once! Hang in there, and good luck!

Andrew said...

I actually did end up putting them in the tub the other night, but then our tub has a drain cover, so all the nice large chunks collected there. The garden hose would have been a better idea.

The kids are much better today, though Noah still throws up like clockwork at midnight each night. We think his body just doesn't like the antibiotic, but we'll see what the doctor says.