Saturday, June 20, 2009

Slow Transformation Part III: Painting the Trim

You may be wondering why you've not gotten an update on our downstairs room for a few weeks. that is because I've been dealing with the bane of my remodeling existence - trim. I truly enjoy painting. Looking back over a freshly painted wall gives me a sense of satisfaction that, say, teaching one class does. I can see what I've accomplished and know that it will stay until I change it.

Trim is a different story. It is time consuming. It is painstakingly slow. And the end result lacks a wall's "wow" factor. Unfortunately, our downstairs den has tons of trim. Including the bathroom, there are three windows, four doors, and strange features like the air duct that runs through the middle of the room and is nothing but trim:
Still, things are coming together. After tonight, all the windows and doors will be painted and most of the crown molding. That will only leave the baseboards, and I won't do those until next week when we rip out the carpet and take up the quarter round, making it all a bit easier to paint. Still, the effect of having all the trim and most of the room painting, removing the sterile elementary-school green that was on the walls has made the room already feel better.

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linknblogs said...

You did a great job on the crown molding! It really looks beautiful. I too am in the process of remodeling, so I feel your pain on this one! I'm not too much of a fan of the painstaking process of trim. But it does look fresh and I think is worth the effort. Great work! Happy remodeling!