Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Speaking Words of Wisdom

Yesterday we were driving in the car when Sam ruminates from the back seat:

"Dad, I wish you would learn stuff, instead of making it all up."

I'm not sure what inspired the outburst except perhaps when he asked me why a tractor was on a forklift I told him that it was to keep the tractor from running away. Or perhaps it was one of the many other answers I give him daily to his onslaught of "why" questions. I admit that I make stuff up all the time, but Joy always ruins the game by telling Sam that I'm making stuff up, undercutting my excellent Calvin's Dad style of parenting. But that's ok, as long as my students don't get wise to my style. Sam was going to stop believing me when he turned 13 anyway.

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Anonymous said...

Sooner than 13, believe me. Sounds awfully familiar to my experiences with little boys named Stephen and Andrew--though they never told me to quit making it up. Too polite, I guess.