Friday, July 17, 2009

Writing Away the Summer

You may be wondering at the scarcity of posts around these parts of late. Let me assure you that it isn't from a lack of writing on my part. This time next year ye ole tenure portfolio is due and so I've dedicated the month of July to finishing my book so I can shop it around this fall. The tally so far? The book has eight chapters, a prologue, and an epilogue. I finished chapter four last Friday, which gives me chapters two through seven fully written (and revised in some cases). I'm currently plugging away at chapter eight and have roughly a third of it finished, chapter one exists but in very rough form, and I have notes jotted in files for the prologue and epilogue.

The plan is to have everything but the prologue finished by the time the month ends and finish up next month so I have a good bit of time on revisions. We'll see how it goes. Until then, back to listening to my children enjoy the warm summer days while I hunch over the computer.

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