Friday, August 28, 2009

Following the Rules

Sam is definitely almost four. His tantrums have gotten smaller and less frequent, he is beginning to reason through solutions to his problems, and he wants to make sure we always do what is right. For instance, the other night at dinner, Sam was sitting across the table from me and Joy, telling us about his day, when suddenly he exclaimed:

"Mom! Give Dad his drink!"

We were a bit confused and asked him what he meant.

"Mom, you're drinking Dad's drink and Dad is drinking your drink."

He then leaned over, exchanged our glasses, and sat back down satisfied. Joy and I were mystified for a moment until we realized that I was drinking coke and Joy water. Almost every night we both drink the opposite, so he assumed we had gotten our drinks confused. And then he wanted to make sure that everything was right.

Like I said, he's really almost four.

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Liz said...

oh he is so funny!