Sunday, August 9, 2009

Oh My, How They've Grown

We spent last weekend celebrating my mother's birthday with the whole family under one roof for three days. With four children napping at different times, having different eating habits, and needing various levels of parental involvement, we had our hands full. But the days were just packed and slipped away from us much too fast.

Most remarkably was to realize that this time last year, my brother brought his family to meet Noah and at that time, the kids looked like this:
Now? One year and many miles later, they look like this:Yes, there are brown leather couches wherever we go, but more importantly, Eli has become a young child, ready for kindergarten; Liza has grown lots of hair and even more personality; Noah can now hold his own and has more curls than you can shake a stick at; and Sam is somehow still Sam, only with less tantruming.

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Fahmi said...

no fair - the kids aren't sitting in the same order, so I am having to really concentrate to match up who is who :)