Thursday, September 3, 2009

Conference, Day 2

Day 2 of the conference is when we held things together and got over the few crises to keep the whole event going. Sarah Cahill was supposed to get in last night and have a masterclass this morning - her flight was canceled and we had to reschedule. We shuffled around two paper sessions at the last minute and had to print new (and more) programs. But the sessions were fascinating and all attendees seem to really be into the conference. Many students are making their way to the conference and entering the discussions they find. Conversations are producing new insights and connections. And I got to meet Charlemagne Palestine (more on that Saturday).

To top everything off, newEar gave a fantastic concert that, at over 2 hours, was easily the longest program they have ever done. There was a beautiful miniature work for cello and piano by Serbian composer Vladimir Tošić, the professional premiere of a companion piece to Terry Riley's called In C called Autumn Leaves, and a shimmering and moving work Sun on Snow by Barbara Benary. And, of course, this work, which has been on my list of pieces to do for a few years just for the amusement factor (it can really bring down the house, too):

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