Friday, September 11, 2009

Look, I'm Fit!

That's right, after almost a month of waiting to get my car, the gov'ment finally came through for us! The old truck held on (though I was very careful with it) for another four weeks and we didn't have to get the major work done on it that would be needed for a second four weeks.

The color is Blackberry Pearl (who thinks up these names) and it is extremely zoomy. As you can see, even Sam is into the car, all ready here for school this morning.

So if I don't blog for the next few days, you'll know that I'm vrooming all over town.


sunrein said...

You and Jedd should start coordinating outfits together.

Stephen said...

Yay! Though it's a shame yours isn't Storm Silver Metallic like mine.

laura gayle said...

you *do* know my phone is a Blackberry Pearl, right? :)