Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sam Lost His Hair!

Every once and a while, Sam's hair gets long enough that it needs to be cut. And anything that employs sharp objects around the children automatically gets tasked to me in our house, so the heavy burden of making sure Sam isn't a ridicule based on his haircut falls to me. I've generally kept his hair about the Sam since it came in - he has my wavy hair, so I've kept it long enough to see the wave which usually results in cute hair, but in strange weather tends to stick up in awkward places. But with the coming of summer and Sam's need to run around outside all day long and get little-boy sweaty and his new swim lessons, I decided he needed a little boy summer haircut.

Enter the buzz:
Sam likes the new haircut because it makes his hair feel all prickly when you run your hands over it against the grain and because it takes less time to wash it in the bath. In fact, he celebrated his new hairstyle by posing for his emo singer album cover photo:


Anonymous said...

I understand the need for this kind of hair cut. After all I raised two boys too, however, he doesn't look like Sam anymore. I loved his hair because it made him unique as if he needed anything to make him unique. That was the one thing I could point to and say "that's the Riley in him."

Stephen Granade said...

You know, he might enjoy growing out a flatbrush....