Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Swim Lessons

Since we often spend a decent amount of time at Greer's Ferry Lake with Joy's family in Arkansas, we've been wanting to get Sam swim lessons for some time. Now that he's four going on 12, we decided this summer would be the one to start. So Joy scoured local lessons and asked for recommendations and found a group of teachers who keep class sizes small and teach even young children to swim and not just blow bubbles in the pool.

Sam's first lesson was yesterday and before he went we had to fill him in on the rules. He diligently wrote them all down including doing exactly what the teacher says immediately when she says it (we often have slight problems with that rule at school) and raising hands and waiting to be called on to speak. To Sam's credit, he followed all the rules, though his hand was up for much of the lesson.

There are only three kids in Sam's class (including Sam) and right off the bat they worked on floating, proper form in kicking, in hand and arm posture, and keeping your face in the water. While the teacher worked with one kid in the middle of the pool, the other two stood on the stairs and were supposed to be practicing. Instead they looked around, mesmerized by standing knee deep in water.

Sam seems to be enjoying the lessons so far, but I'm a bit worried about what lesson he is bringing home. He had the most trouble with keeping in face in the water and humming and blowing out bubbles, so he's supposed to practice in the tub. With Noah. Who will also want to practice. And Sam might want to help. We'll see how it all goes.

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