Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Childhood Hyperbole, Exclamations, and Declarations

Recently, Sam discovered the exclamatory sentence.

"I love bear crackers!" he shouted from the back seat on our drive home from Kindermusik yesterday morning. Well, it was more like "I luff be-ah crackahs!" but you get the point.

Did I also mention he also discovered hyperbole? That statement was soon followed by:

"I love water!"

The rest of our morning was a series of hyperbolic exclamations:

"I love trucks!" (no argument with that one)
"I love applesauce!" (he'd probably eat nothing else if he could)
"I love 8!" (waa?)

During dinner, we also realized that Sam is into declarations. He started squirming in his seat, looked over at Joy, and declared:

"Making diaper."

Yes, it is always entertaining at our house. At least he hasn't learned (yet) how to combine all three into the hyperbolic declarative exclamation:

"I love making diaper!"

But the day is coming...

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