Thursday, June 14, 2007

Splashing Around

Yesterday it was finally summer. I know that summer doesn't officially begin until next Thursday, but it arrived early and with a vengeance. The sun was close and hot, there was not a cloud in the sky, and little cartoon wavy heat lines were coming off the pavement.


Since it was hot, Joy decided to call a friend and head over to the sprayground at a park near my office. The sprayground is a wonderful concept where jets of water shoot out from poles and from the ground, sometimes constantly and other times at random intervals. As you can see from the picture on your right, they even have guns you can use to shoot water at other kids (but, wisely, the guns don't shoot water outside the sprayground, so parents sitting on the sidelines are safe).

We all met up and watched our kids romp in the water, squeal, and then give us big wet hugs. This is what summer is all about.

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