Sunday, June 3, 2007

Swingin on Home

After waiting in line at the airport for 45 minutes while the e-check in line was empty (the joys of traveling with an infant - at least he still flies free!), we finally arrived home last evening.

Sam was the only one among us who was not ready to be finished traveling. At dinner last night he kept asking, "Blue Bus, where are you?" and "Go ride airplane; ok!"

Even though we are glad to be back home, we had a wonderful time in Alabama. As you can see, we played on the playset at every opportunity, we cooked freezer meals, we played trucks, we held Baby Liza and made funny faces at her, we played chase around the house and found monsters everywhere, we splashed in the pool each afternoon, we solved the world's problems, and we collapsed every evening from exhaustion.

In fact, for those of you interested, our exhaustion each evening prompted our newest TV show, Veronica Mars. Stephen and Misty own the first season and so we tried it out. Addictive, well-written little show that it is, we powered through the first two DVDs while we were there.

So, to recap: we have the most adorable niece (if you don't believe me, just look at this), Sam and Eli love to play together (and get each other in trouble), we're into a new TV show, and summer has officially started.

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Etta said...

She is really beautiful!