Friday, July 13, 2007

My Son is a Fish

This summer, we decided to start Sam out swimming. So we've been taking him into the water almost every day this month. We'll let him stand in the shallow part and then will either put him in a floaty or take him out with us and encourage him to kick and paddle. We also have been trying to get him to put his head under water. I'll duck under and Joy will declare "Dada's under the water! Doesn't that look like fun?" Or Joy will submerge and I'll scream "Where's Mama? Sweet Lord, what happened to her?"

Yes, I'm already socking money away for Sam's therapy.

The other day, after we had taken our turns going under water, I asked Sam if it was his turn to go under water. To my surprise, he said "Sam's turn!" So I threw him up in the air and on a count of three, took him quickly under water.

When he came back up he said "More under water!"

When we tired of that game we went back to the shallow edge and let Sam work on walking in the water. He immediately threw his face in the water and pulled it back up, laughing the whole time.

We thought going under water would take a few weeks. Now what do we do with our fish of a son?

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