Friday, November 2, 2007

New Lyrics, Sam Style

Sam must still be reading the blog because last night he decided to begin changing all the lyrics to the songs he knows. It started innocently enough. We were driving back from school where I had picked him up from Joy's Kindermusik class and commenting on the passing buses and trucks, when Sam decided to begin singing. Evidently, he's just learned "God Is So Good" in bible study and as with every new song, he sings it all day long.

But last night he put in a twist.

He got me to start singing along with him and after a few verses he looked at me, cocked his head, and declared,

"Dada, sing 'God Loves Trucks!'"

I complied, but I draw the line at "God Loves My Thomas the Train Shoes." He may indeed, but it just doesn't scan with the song.


Tad and Monica said...

So funny!
So...I've added password protection to our blog. Could you send me an e-mail ( so I can send you an invitation?

jeanetta said...

lol too funny
at least he isnt changing them to things like poo poo and underwear like luke is.