Friday, November 30, 2007

Beach Pictures!

For the past several years, my family has all gathered at the Beach for Thanksgiving. It is the perfect chance to see all my family that lives in Alabama, and we always make great memories. This year was especially fun because it was the first time Sam and his cousin Eli really played together (previously "playing together" meant Sam and Eli played next to each other - this year "playing together" meant convincing each other they could "bounce" on the bed since they had only been told not to "jump" on the bed).

Sam, as you may recall, is a fish, and would have walked to Cuba if we had let him loose at the water. We also discovered that he was a, well, a sand-eating animal and loved to lick it while being buried in the sand. Click on the picture for more fun pictures:
Misty has a better camera and took much better pictures involving the entire clan. If you really want to see how Eli and Sam "played together," click on this picture she took and you can see her wonderful set of Beach pictures:

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Anonymous said...

My Son,
Your pictures are nothing to be ashamed of. I especially loved the last one of the beach at night. It brings tears to my eyes. Didn't we make wonderful memories?