Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's from S-A-M

I'm not sure how you do it in your house, but in mine, we usually exchange our Valentine's Day cards in the morning. This morning, Joy and I took the Cars cards we had gotten Sam, divided them up, and hid them around the house in a Valentine's Egg kind of way for Sam to find today, and then sat down for breakfast.

Evidently, Joy and Sam were busy yesterday, because when I sat down at my place I found a card Sam had made for me today:The best part about it? Sam signed his name. In the middle of the circle, he took his crayon and intoned S-A-M as he drew those lines. You can even tell what they are if you turn your head sideways. I thought it was too much fun not to share. So here's hoping this little note from S-A-M makes you smile this Valentine's Day.

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