Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Sam and Baby Ana

Last week, we traveled to visit Joy's sister Heather, her husband Adam, and their brand new baby girl, Ana. We were eager to see them and get to know our new niece, but we were also anxious to see how Sam would respond to their being another little person, one who cannot fend for herself, in the house, vying for Mom and Dad's attention. The picture speaks for itself:

Sam was fascinated by Ana. He asked to feed her, brought her a pacifier when she began to cry, and even gave her a hug when we were getting ready to go. Since coming home he's prayed almost every night for Baby Ana, and last night even threw in her bed and her house into the prayer.

This doesn't mean that things won't be tough when our new little one arrives in a few months. Every night while we were there, Sam refused to let me put him to bed, loudly crying that I needed to leave so Mama could tell him a story. I spent my days playing blocks, feeding the ducks, throwing balls to the dogs and generally being his playmate. It stands to reason that he needed Mom each night. But except for those instances, he was very accommodating about our spending time with Ana. Hopefully the same will be true at our house come June.


laura gayle said...

How sweet! Let's hope he's like this after his brother moves in!

Etta said...

That boy has some gorgeous eyes.

Andrew said...

Yeah, Laura, we hope he likes his little brother even more. And Etta, thanks for the compliment. They are totally from his Grandad.