Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Big Boy Room - Almost Finished

After writing last week about the latest round of additions to Sam's big boy room, I realized that I had not given ya'll what you really wanted - a picture of what the room currently looks like. So here, in all its Roman-shaded glory is how Sam's room currently stands (I even added a Sam head in for perspective:You may remember what the room used to look like (at least right before we painted it):
(You can find the gradual transformation by searching for all the Big Boy Room posts.) Now it has a definite car theme, as you can see by the quilt, and buckets for the shelves. Those buckets were the best idea in the world - at night we grab them and Sam helps put all his toys (which are always strewn all over his bed and his table and his floor, not to mention the rest of the house) in the buckets and back on the shelves. It also has accomplished its two primary goals: Sam no longer thinks of the nursery as his room and he likes to play and read in his room and spends a great deal of time there. We can now tell when he likes a person because he'll look at them seriously and shout "Come up to my room!"

We've still got to find a rug we like for the floor and I have a chalkboard to build, but we're all pretty happy with the way it turned out.

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Totally awesome! Nana