Thursday, December 18, 2008

New Trick - Sitting Up

Look at Noah's new trick - he's sitting up. He's been working on sitting unsupported for about a month now. In his baby papasan chair, he began doing crunches to be upright. Then we put in in the boppy for a bit of support, but he just wanted to fall over and gnaw the soft boppy cover for a while. So we finally discovered that putting a toy in front of him distracted him enough that he would sit for long periods of time without falling over.

Invariably, though, Sam comes running by, and Noah wants to follow him. Tump goes Noah, squeal goes Sam as he runs away, scream goes Noah as he's thwarted in playing with Sam. But with sitting up, crawling can't be too far away, and then watch out Sam, or more specifically, Sam's toys.

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Ramona said...

yay noah! i've almost forgot those days of putting soft pillows around a baby learning to sit up. :) i also miss how funny it is that they just fall over without trying to catch themselves too!