Saturday, January 10, 2009

It's Crawl Time

The week before Christmas, Noah began getting up on all fours for a short period of time.

The week of Christmas, he stayed up on all fours long enough to rock back and forth and scoot backwards a few inches.

The week after Christmas, he coordinated the foot on one side of his body with the arm on the other and took one, maybe two steps.

Now, the week after the week after Christmas, look where we are:

At this rate, he'll be running by Valentine's Day.

This new development has caused great consternation at our house. In the video, Sam looks enthusiastic, singing the "Tractor, Tractor" song and crawling along. In truth, Noah now makes a beeline for Sam's trains every moment he's on the floor. You can imagine how that goes over around here.


Jaime Olson said...

Oh my yes, I CAN imagine! How exciting for everyone (especially Noah!) and abysmal for all of the formerly safe toys (Sam's, as well as Mom and Dad's!).

Anonymous said...

I can just imagine a time when Sam's into broken eggs and Noah's crawling around in the residue at the disaster site!