Friday, January 30, 2009

Oh, Those Fiesty Librarians

This morning, I read an article in the Kansas City Star about the impending Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act which goes into effect on February 10. The act requires testing of all children's products for lead, including books.

That's right, libraries would be responsible for making sure their children's books do not contain lead, and most don't have the resources available to test books. As a result, libraries may have to pull children's books from their shelves unless the Consumer Product Safety Commission exempts them.

My favorite part of the entire article pointed to the reason this story was even on the front page of the newspaper. When the paper interviewed Crosby Kemper III, CEO of Kansas City Public Libraries, about the reaction to the law, he remarked:

"Librarians turn out to be a pretty feisty group."

Makes me think he'd never been around librarians before. I've known that since I was six years old.


Anonymous said...

Does this post mean that you know a feisty librarian? If so I wonder who it could be and if he will recognize himself in your post?

Andrew said...

I'm surrounded by librarians in my life - one of the advantages to being an historian.