Thursday, January 29, 2009

Might As Well Admit it He's Addicted to Thomas

With the "train tracks of peace," you might get the idea that my son is slightly addicted to Thomas.

You have no idea.

Every Monday, Sam goes to Parents Day Out. And every Monday afternoon, he returns home with a sheet detailing what and how he did that day. Usually the messages are benign: "Sam had a good day today," or "Sam enjoyed playing outside on the slide today." Monday's message? "We're trying to help Sam play with things other than the train table." That's right, he's so single minded about Thomas that even his teachers who seem him once a week want to help him learn to play with other toys.

Not to say that Sam only plays with trains. He really doesn't. He has cars and trucks, blocks and legos, books and musical instruments that he plays with all the time. They just don't see the every day play of Thomas.

Just an example of our Thomas attraction: This past week, Sam has taken to calling me Edward and wants to be called Henry and for most of this week has chosen to wear a green shirt as a result. So I'll come home in the evenings not to "Dad's home," but instead, "Edward, I love you!" I'm still not sure what to make of that one.

In any case, Sam does have a small Thomas thing going right now. In fact, I caught this picture of him the other night that pretty much sums up our life right now:That's right. That's Sam in the dark looking at his Thomas catalog by the light of a Thomas flashlight. It doesn't get much more Thomas crazy than that.


Etta said...

I feel your pain. Not so much right now, as Jamie has grown out of it some, at 5 1/2, but I've BEEN there, believe me!

Etta said...
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Etta said...

I take it back. It turns out that this morning Jaden decided that he wanted a little Thomas action himself. See today's post on my blog to see what I mean.

Andy Forbes said...

Good grief, we're right there too, and I think it's going to get worse before it gets better. A couple of days ago Maria and I were talking about potty training in front of Will. Well, anything involving trains has got to be awesome, right? He immediately started asking to see the "potty train" on the computer, which morphed into "potty Thomas" yesterday.

Andrew said...

You totally need to get Will this book ( ) that we have thought about getting Sam in our potty training battle.

Tad said...

Yes... I think all of us have ensured that Alec Baldwin will never go broke. What we have also discovered is that we need at least four Thomas figures available at all times -- one for downstairs, one for upstairs, and one per car -- lest we ever find ourselves lacking.