Thursday, October 29, 2009

Da Is

We've had many conversations around our house about the differences between our two boys. One loves to snuggle, one only snuggles when extremely tired. One has always had a mind of his own, one happily goes with the flow. One loves trains and the other loves trains...oh, wait.

Presently, the most notable difference is their acquisition of language. Sam has always been a talker. He babbled all the time as a baby and learned to talk early and quickly. Language simply fascinates him. Noah could care less. He understands everything we say to him and then some, but is in no rush to speak it back to us. In fact, most of his words are sounds for things - "woof" for dog, "moo" for cow, and the like.

But recently he's begun making stabs at English words and sentences. Our current favorite is "da is," for "there it is." We play peek-a-boo all the time and constantly ask him where things are, so he constantly needs to proclaim, "there it is!" You can see what I mean:

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