Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I Can Help!

On Tuesday nights, we've started going to a living room group through our church. We meet together with other adults and discuss a Biblical passage and have warm drinks and conversation. The couple that host have a downstairs playroom where we send the kids to play and read. An ideal set until I fill in one final detail:

Sam is the only boy.

Currently, Noah is small enough to stay with us and wander around and not cause too much trouble. Sam, however, runs downstairs and plays with the three other girls. Well, perhaps "plays with" is too strong a phrase. "Plays around" is more accurate.

Last Tuesday night we heard a screaming cry issue from downstairs and Joy and the girl's mother ran downstairs to see what had happened. They discovered that the young girl had been playing with legos and Sam had, as is typical, come over and knocked down her carefully built house. Joy talked with Sam about how his actions made the girl feel, and he allowed that she was probably upset. Joy asked what Sam could do to make her feel better, and Sam responded by telling the girl he was sorry. Then Joy asked the fateful question: "Do you think you could help her with the legos." Sam nodded and walked over to her and in an earnest voice, desperate to please, told her:

"I can help you knock the rest over!"

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Jaime Olson said...

This is my new favorite Sam story.