Monday, October 5, 2009

Sam Turns Four

Sam was born on a day very much like today four years ago. Fall had come in with a vengeance only days before and the evenings were cool, the days perfect.

Sam's birth was not perfect - we had several frightening moments leading up to an abrupt C-section. But by 4:30 that afternoon I was holding my first born, awed and scared at his 8 lbs, 2 ounces.

These past four years have only compounded my feelings of awe and terror. Sam has developed into a generous, funny, energetic boy who loves to sing and dance and run and jump and push every button he can, from elevators to his parents'. He stays on step ahead of us, always working to out think and out fox our plans, but never with malicious intent. His spirit inspires us and frustrates us and we work hard to keep from snuffing it out.

A few examples: This past weekend, Joy's parents and sister and our niece came to celebrate Sam's "first birthday," as he has taken to calling it since my parents are coming later to celebrate again. We went to a local pumpkin patch and played the games offered, rode the trains and the hay wagon, and even shot corn out of a corn cannon. Sam careened from location to location, embracing the day the way he embraces life - wholeheartedly with no reservations. It did not matter if the sign clearly stated it was for older kids; Sam wanted to try everything. He wore us out that morning.

That evening, after all our family had headed back home and we had taken well-deserved naps, we went to Toys R Us to purchase a new train for Sam. He was looking at his various options and decided against picking his favorite train because, as he put it, "I'm getting Henry for my second birthday." Who knows how he perceived that, out of everything on his birthday list, Henry was already purchased is beyond me, but he was right.

I cannot believe the 8 lb bundle I held four years ago is now reading Elephant and Piggie books to me at nighttime, that the baby who slept in my arms now stretches to almost half my height. But I see in the four-year-old who now lives in our house that baby's wide-eyed fascination with the world around him, and I pray he never loses it.
Happy Birthday, Sam.

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