Tuesday, January 12, 2010

And So It Begins

Yesterday, a good friend at work gave me a piece of chocolate to take home to Sam. I had a late meeting at church, so by the time I arrived home, Sam was already in bed, so the chocolate had to wait for tonight. After supper, Sam sauntered back into the kitchen and asked if he could have any dessert. My memory finally jumped into gear, and I told him that Ms. Laura had sent him a piece of chocolate. He gobbled it down and licked every last bit of chocolate off the wrapping. Then, he turned to Joy and said, "I'm still hungry."

Joy responded, "well, you can have some triskets if you want."

Sam's whine kicked into high gear, "no, I think a piece of candy would be better."

Joy kept her cool and replied, "well, you've already had candy. You could have some yogurt."

Sam's brain processed this information for a bit before he declared, "then ice cream would be best."

I finally asked him if his tummy only wanted dessert and he said yes, going off to find a corner to contemplate the tragedy of his life. I'm surprised we lasted this long, but Sam has finally succumbed to the "dessert is dinner" point of view. I can't say that he'll ever grow out of it. I certainly haven't.

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