Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Stuck in the Snow

While we were away for Christmas in balmy Arkansas, Kansas City got sacked by snow. To give you an idea of how much snow we've gotten (and how strange the amount is), last year the city received 18 inches of snow throughout the entire winter. The amount for the past week and a half since the snow started falling for a White Christmas? 16 inches. And there is 2-4 inches forecast for this afternoon with wind over 30 mphs tonight and tomorrow.

Some of that snow fell on Sunday when we drove home. We were fine until we got to northwest Arkansas, an area of the state that seems to own one snowplow. It was amazing to see that the moment we crossed into southwest Missouri, the roads instantly cleared and we were able to make good time back to Kansas City.

When we arrived, though, our driveway was covered under snow. I bravely (read foolishly) tried to pull on in our garage, but the car got stuck on the snow that snowplows had piled at the foot of our driveway. As the sun sank, I frantically dug the car out and cleared enough of the driveway to get the car in the garage. But I still had to unload the entire car (and all the boy's Christmas presents) before it was light enough to move again.

While the snow is giving us headaches, the boys are loving it. They were thrilled to watch all the snowplows pass our car as we drove up Missouri's spine Sunday afternoon. Sam "helped" me shovel snow Monday morning and both have been begging to get outside (though I think it is a clever plow to then come back in and have hot chocolate). But as much as we're getting tired of being stuck inside or at the base of our driveway, at least we're not stuck in an airport. Though if we were, hopefully we'd be as resourceful (and contagious) as this singer stuck in Newark on Monday:

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