Friday, January 8, 2010

Time to Get Out of the House

We've been home five days, and I've shoveled snow four of them without completely clearing our driveway. It is so cold that Sam could stand playing in the snow for 10 minutes before demanding hot chocolate and Elmo. My iPod shut down while I was shoveling because music evidently only sounds above 10 degrees. We've watched our two Elmo DVDs so many times that Sam recites them almost verbatim. Every toy from the bottom of the toybox has come out, been played with, and deemed passe. We've actually gone through our bread and milk and needed to buy more.

All this, and you know how I knew today that we've been isolated in our house for too long?

Going to the post office today seemed like the social event of the season, and not just for me. Noah was beside himself he was so enchanted by a room he hadn't seen in days that he stood, staring at it all and wouldn't respond to my voice.

Perhaps it's time to play in the basement. Or the bathroom. There has to be some place in our house we haven't played.

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