Monday, August 20, 2007

Dear Jesus, Thank You for Trucks. Amen.

I love finding things on the side of the road. (Unless they're dead things like birds or squirrels.) This weekend had a very happy moment when Andrew and I were driving down the road and saw a large battery operated truck for little people to drive with a sign in front of it that said FREE. This is my kind of side-of-the-road fare, especially since Sam's absolute favorite thing in the whole world is trucks.

Of course, we manhandled the silly things into the back of our car and headed on about our errands hoping Sam did not see what we were doing. Miraculously, Sam did not really see the truck then or even later when we manhandled it out of the car into our garage to store it till we could clean it out.

So, today, I was exhausted after teaching Kindermusik and trying to find things to amuse Sam that took little effort on my part when I thought of the truck. I sent Sam into the backyard to play for 2 seconds while I opened the garage and brought the truck around the fence to him.

I have never seen his eyes bigger. When I came around the side of the house with this beautiful, bright red Jeep his face clearly said, "For me? Really. No way!" Even better, it has a pretend walkie talkie so he can simultaneously pretend to drive the truck and pretend to talk on the phone. Great training for life, I know.

As I sat and watched our elated Sam playing in the truck, I suddenly realized how enormously happy I was to have given it to him, what joy it brought me to see him so very happy. And then I felt myself enormously blessed and cherished somehow as I remembered that Matthew 6 says our Father in Heaven loves to give us good gifts, that it gives Him great pleasure as well.

So, from me and Sam today, Dear Jesus, Thank You for trucks and the joy they give us and for loving us as your precious children. Amen.

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lauragayle said...

How wonderful! Now, we need photos!!!!