Thursday, August 23, 2007

Entertaining the Neighborhood

Sorry for the silence over in our little corner of cyberspace; classes started this week for all of us (even though Sam only goes on Mondays) so our house has been a little crazy. But when things get crazy, you can always retreat to the 100 degree weather outside and play in your new red truck!The best part is that our neighbors have all noticed Sam in his truck and many have stopped us to comment on him. When I took the trash out Tuesday morning (in my pajamas no less) our next door neighbor was out as well and said that she and her husband had been sitting in their sunroom, enjoying the late afternoon when they saw Sam climbing in and out of his truck. That alone wasn't enough to induce the fits of laughter she claimed. No, those fits came about when Sam did this:
There's a little phone in the car and Sam, as soon as he gets in the truck, yells "Ring, Ring," picks up the phone, says hello, and then proclaims who he's talking to on his phone. He's already a soccer mom and not even two.

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Anonymous said...

These pictures are priceless. They bring not only a smile but a chuckle from his May.