Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Hatchin' Grow Dino, Day Two

So, as of this morning, here's how Hatchin's doin':
As you can see, he was a busy little dinosaur last night. Look, he's even got a leg out!

Also, since I'm sure many of you were wondering, here's a small note to let you know some important information about Hatchin'. The package clearly states that he is "Not For Consumption." So no dinosaur eggs for breakfast this morning. And I suppose that I can't grow him to full size (the packaging does also claim that if I keep changing the water, Hatchin will "grow and grow!") and have dinosaur legs for dinner either. Where's the fun in that?

Well, that's all true if by consumption they meant ingestion. It could be that the Hatchin's makers are back in the 19th century and they really meant that he is "Not for Tuberculosis." Dang it, and here I was hoping I'd found a cure in an egg.

More later.


Tad and Monica said...

We cannot express our joy at sharing this important event in your life with you. :)
Oh--does Joy know someone named Betsy Dunning from her time at Samford? If so, let us know...another one of those strange connections in life.

Miss Joy said...

Yes, I know Betsy!! Oh, my gosh! How do you know her? Tell her I said hi!

Tad and Monica said...

So....we don't actually know her. We visited an SBC church here a couple of weeks ago and met her parents. This is where she's from but she lives in Minneapolis now, I think. Her parents taught the SS class we visited. REALLY nice people. So crazy.