Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Big-Boy Bed

We've been planning on moving Sam into the guest room and keep the nursery for any other children that follow for the past few years, but with the coming of TK ("The Kid"), we've accelerated the plans a bit. We want Sam to feel as though getting a new bed and room is a privilege, not something forced upon him by the new baby that comes to live with us.

We decided we wanted a trundle bed so Sam could have friends (or grandparents) stay with him in his room, so about 2 months ago, we started watching Craigslist. After slogging through countless car beds and bare frames, we found an almost new trundle bed with new mattresses at a good price.

The problem? We found it the night before we flew out for Thanksgiving.

When we returned home, I called the guy selling it and he miraculously still had it sitting in his garage about an hour north of our home. We drove up the Sunday after Thanksgiving to look at it.

We weren't sure how Sam was going to take the news of a big-boy bed, but as soon as Joy put him on it just to keep him out of the way while we examined it, Sam proudly proclaimed, "this is Sam's big-boy bed."

Fortunately it actually was. We bought it, loaded it into my truck, and deposited it an hour later in our garage. Matt helped me haul it up to the guest room this weekend right before they left, so we now have room-o-bed, but every day since then, Sam has had to go and sit on the big-boy bed, read on the big-boy bed, and, of course, jump on the big-boy bed. I'm cool with all but the last one, and we're certainly glad he's excited about the bed. Here's a picture with the quilt and pillows from the guest bed put on it so it doesn't look so naked:
You'll notice that it is tall enough that Sam needs his step to climb into it. Now all we have to do is paint the room and build some bookshelves and we'll be read to move Sam.

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Anonymous said...

Sam's "big- boy bed" is beautiful!