Sunday, December 30, 2007

Early Morning Conversations

Occasionally, while at grandparents' houses, Sam has slept in the room with us for one reason or another. And with Joy pregnant, she often likes to sleep in a recliner to help ease any pain in her back. As a result, I'm often to first to hear Sam wake up and take care of whatever needs he may have.

Friday morning, around 6:00, I was awoken by Sam struggling mightily in his bed. He was flopping back and forth in a prelude to wakefulness, so I lay still, hoping he would return to sleep.

His groggy little voice dashed that hope, but left me something to laugh about the rest of the day in exchange for a little lost sleep. Right before he spoke I heard two distinct "ppffffbbpptttt" sounds from the crib. They were quickly followed by three statements of waking up fact:

"I have gases."

"I have two gases."

I thought he was finished at that point and made to retrieve him from bed, but stalled long enough for Sam to deliver the most profound of his observations:

"I am full of gas."


Sarah said...

Oh my word!!! Out of the mouth of babes... That is hilarious. Thanks for the laugh.
Sarah (Beal)

Andrew said...

No problem, and great to hear from you, Sarah! Stick around and you'll hear more hilarity out of our son. He never lacks for interesting sayings.