Saturday, December 22, 2007

Day 2 of 100 Christmas Gifts

Today Sam's regular mealtime prayer took on a slightly different form. Normally he prays, "Dear Jesus, Thank you for trucks and buses. Amen." We have to prompt him to think of other things he might be thankful for or to ask God to bless the food. However, today was different. Today's prayer before lunch went as follows: "Dear Jesus, Thank you for Nana and GrandDad and the dogs. Amen."

The dogs are Rinski and Tucker, Heather and Adam's two dogs, which Sam has been looking forward to seeing all week. In fact, when we arrived at Nana's house, he had to inquire as to where the dogs were. Today, they finally arrived with Heather and Adam. Of course, when they all got here, Sam didn't care that Aunt Heather and Uncle Adam had walked in the door, only the long awaited dogs, which immediately brought squeals of delight and uncontrolled giggles.

All this to say, I think the dogs would make the top of Sam's list of ways God has blessed him today. Here are the other ways we have seen the light of God in our lives of late.

1. Car transporters
2. Blue juice (otherwise known as some special frozen drink for kids from Chili's)
3. Barnes and Nobles with Nana
4. A satifying meal for a pregnant tummy from Chili's
5. Watching Sam's delight over drinking said "blue juice"
6. Unexplained hand swelling that is finally gone!
7. Singing Christmas carols around the piano as a family
8. Sisters
9. Memories of loved ones
10. 4D ultrasound pictures and video of a new niece
11. Finished work and time off for family
12. The grace to remember when to stop
13. Long car rides that give unexpected time one-on-one with family
14. Rain (instead of snow)
15. Toddler pronunciations of the phrase "yellow jello"
16. Sleeping in
17. Sleepy ramblings over the baby monitor
18. Catch Phrase with the family
19. Discussions of differing viewpoints where respect reigns
20. Health and healthy loved ones
21. And of course, the dogs.

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