Wednesday, April 30, 2008

In Case You Want to Throw a Sibelius Party

Jean Sibelius is popping up everywhere recently, as more and more people become interested in his music. If you are one of those people (you know you who are) and you're tempted to throw a Sibelius party, you'll of course need his punch recipe. I think this should become a staple at our musicology gatherings around here.

In fact, Sibelius would probably be the life of any party as he was known during his lifetime (and after) as a man with a huge passion for drink and cigars. So in case you're curious, you can also find his personal choices in alcohol and in cigars. Is there nothing the internet cannot tell us these days about the lives of composers?


david d. mcintire said...

Hmmm... Maybe we'll try to have some this weekend. (If I can find "Bergamot oil")

Andrew said...

Fascinating but true, Bergamot oil is a major source of flavoring in men's cologne.

alicia said...

It's also the flavoring in Earl Grey tea. I've never noticed that men smell like tea, though.