Tuesday, April 15, 2008

So, How Did You Spend Your Weekend

I haven't been writing much recently because I've been a bit too sore. "Too sore to write?" you may be thinking. "Indeed," I think in return. The reason I'm so sore is the same reason Sam is sitting there to the right of these words, smirking as though he owned the world - after five months in our garage, his swingset is finally built.

The instructions on the swingset proudly declare "Can Be Put Together in a Day!" That statement is surely true, if there were not mitigating factors. Such as it being 34 degrees on a Saturday in April. And it snowing. Fingers crippled by cold make it a bit hard to properly put nuts on bolts and hold a wooden roof aloft over your head for any time at all.

But even with those factors, I did have all the right tools to get it done. Saturday morning, I unloaded the boxes, found the instructions, and went through the list of necessary tools. Socket wrench? Check. Hammer? Check. Tape measure? Check? Adult helper? Check. That's right, the instructions declare you need an adult helper and I had one in Joy's Dad. I truly could not have gotten the swingset together without his help. And because of his help, I'm living with one happy little boy. Last night at dinner, Sam would eat a bite of food, then stand up in his chair to look out the window and gaze wistfully at his swingset. Then he'd reach down for another morsel before hopping up to make sure the swingset was still there.

That look was worth all the cold and all the time.


Anonymous said...

And what a lovely swing set it is!

Becky said...

Fun fun fun! You definitely get the Cool Dad award! Consider yourself booked to build ours when the sprout is old enough

Liz said...

So true - how much we love giving good gifts to our children. How much more our Father does!

Jaime said...

Are you or Joy's dad available to us to come be our adult helper? We have plenty of things for you to do while we come play with Sam on his sweet new swingset! I just love that they write that as a tool or implement needed in the instructions.