Monday, April 28, 2008

Sam's New Trick

I sometimes think Sam reads this blog regularly. He often jumps on the computer, clicks away with the mouse, and looks chagrined when we catch him, but I always assumed he was trying to play more Thomas games. Now I know that he's actually trying to read the blog.

I make this statement because last Friday, I posted about his sleeping. And sure enough, Friday night he decided to try a new trick. It used to be that when Sam woke up, he would lounge in bed, talking to himself and rolling around. Friday night, though, he woke up at 2:00 in the morning with a loud cry. I woke up at the sound of his voice and decided to wait and see if he was waking up or just crying out in his sleep. Then I hear the doorknob on his door click open, a quiet "pad, pad, pad" as he walked across the hall, and then the click of my door closing. Suddenly I feel Sam climbing over me, proclaiming that he needed to sleep with me.

I asked him if he were alright, but he just repeated his statement and snuggled down under the covers.

Cute, right? Well, Sunday morning at 6:00 he woke up again. Same clicking, same pad, pad, padding. But this time he wanted to play instead of sleep. He did it again this morning, only instead of coming to see me, he headed downstairs where Joy is sleeping in a recliner, wormed his way into the chair next to her, and asked if he could watch TV.

Next thing we know, he'll go out and get the paper and make us breakfast without waking us up to ask if we like our eggs over easy or scrambled.


Andy Forbes said...

Yeah, you need to teach him how to make eggs, bacon and coffee. Then he can get up as early as he wants and get things started, right?

So, speaking of Thomas the Train, the other morning during breakfast I started singing the first line of the theme song. Will, who has seen the show all of twice over the past few months, immediately started yelling, "Choo choo!" and pointing towards our TV. My jaw just dropped. Man, they must know their audience well in order to get inside their heads so fast!

Andrew said...

What is also crazy to me is that you can already sing the theme song as well - we learn these things young and they stay with us.